How to Purchase Lanyards Online

Many famous organizations buy thousands of logo lanyards for their employees. They normally use them to hang their IDs. Others wear them to promote their organization.

If your organization want to purchase neck cords, worry no more. Buying them is a very easy task. Nowadays, numerous neck rope manufacturers can help you design your company’s official neck cord.

The guide below will teach you how to order them online.

 1. Look for neck rope manufacturers online


No one will help you create your organization’s neck cord if you will not be able to find a neck rope manufacturer. Most manufacturers can be located online. They usually have websites where they list down the services they offer. is your one stop shop where you can get the best affordable lanyard services and online purchasing solution.

2. Read online reviews about them

After searching for manufacturers online, it is recommended to read reviews about them. Find out who are their famous clients as well. Make sure to consider the manufacturers with positive reviews. Reading online reviews is actually very helpful. It will prevent you from getting scammed by bogus neck rope sellers. If you want to know more about the manufacturers, do not forget to read their FAQs page. You can also check their terms and conditions page.

3. Check product information

Aside from reading online reviews, you should also check the other contents of the manufacturer’s website. It is best to check out the photos of the logo lanyards they are selling. Make sure to identify the types of neck ropes they have and the materials they are using to make them. Most manufacturers use nylon and polyester to make their products.

You should also check the prices of the neck ropes they are selling. A neck cord’s price depend on the type and quantity that you will be ordering. Neck cords usually cost around $1 – $3 each. Remember; go for a manufacturer that sells affordable but high-quality products. It will be great to pick a manufacturer that offers free shipping. Make sure that the payment options are applicable to you as well.

4. Customize your organization’s neck cord

Once you’re done picking a certain manufacturer that will produce your company’s neck cords, it’s time to customize them. If you created a rope design before, you can send it to them. If not, you can design your own neck cord using the manufacturer’s website. It’s up to you to pick the type and attachment you like the most. Do not forget to tell the manufacturer how many logo lanyards you want.

5. Pay for the items you ordered

After designing neck cords, it is time to pay for your order. Nowadays, most manufacturers accept major credit cards. Some of them also offer special discounts. Before paying, check the information you have provided first. Make sure that all of them are correct.

6. Wait for your order to arrive


After paying for your order, wait for the manufacturer to give other details. The manufacturer might give you your order’s tracking number and its ETA. Once the company is done giving you details, wait for your order to arrive.

Once your order arrives, do not hesitate to check the products. Count them and check if there are defects. If the logo lanyards you ordered have defects, tell the manufacturer about the issue right away. Make sure to return the defective ones so that they can replace them.

7. Write a review about the manufacturer

It will be great if you will write a review about a particular neck cord manufacturer. You can write your review in your own blog or website. Just tell the people something about your experience. How is the service? How about the quality of the products? Writing a review will help other buyers know whether a certain manufacturer can be trusted or not.