There are obviously several choices of golf shoes available on the market today and determining which among these is perfect is a challenging task, especially for individuals who are learning and playing the game of golf for the first time.

There are a few factors that a beginner golfer has to take into consideration to successfully find the right pair of shoes for golfing.

The first factor in making an informed decision is the price. The usual prices of golf-specific shoes range from $35 to $300. Just like most things, one gets the golf shoe that he paid for. The price of the shoe is usually dependent on the type of material used to craft the shoe. Synthetic leather is inexpensive while the fine calfskin leather tends to be more expensive. According to experts, more expensive shoes last longer more often than not, feel more comfortable, and greatly help in improving one’s game.

Golf shoeAnother deciding factor when it comes to buying golf shoes is how often a person plans to play golf. The price of the chosen shoes will also be dependent on this factor. A golfer who plans to play at least twice a year is advised not to spend anything more than $50. Anyone who plays twice a week can opt for shoes that cost $300. There are also some players who consider how they look on the golf course, not paying much attention to performance. They oftentimes choose the most beautiful and most expensive pairs of shoes for that sole purpose.

The right size and fit of the shoes are also important considerations. There are also some manufacturers of golf-specific shoes that allow for personalized fit, so that players can perform well. It is essential for a person who is looking for the perfect golf shoe to personally try the shoes on if buying from an outlet or from the mall. Look into the sizing guidelines is crucial when buying from online stores.

Waterproof warranty is also important when it comes to choosing golf shoes. Although there are water-resistant shoes, it is highly recommended to opt for footwear that has a two-year waterproof guarantee. But again, it must be remembered that the most expensive shoes come with the best warranties. A golfer who usually plays in the morning is advised to go for a pair with a two-year warranty because the grass is, more often than not, wet and dewy in the morning. Another good thing about shoes with waterproof warranty is that these stay waterproof for longer periods of time if taken care of properly.

The last factor that must be taken into consideration is the material used to craft the shoes. This is a major deciding factor and a golfer can choose between leather and synthetic. The famous calfskin leather golf-specific shoes are more preferred not only because these are comfortable, but also because they adjust to the shape of the feet. One can also opt for leather shoes that are waterproof. The price of leather shoes is usually dependent on the grade of the leather used. The priciest shoes are crafted from the highest grade of leather.

Caring for golf shoes is also essential. These shoes that are oftentimes worn for the game of golf can be kept in great shape and in good condition by simply placing them in shoe trees. Aside from maintaining the shape of the golf shoe, a shoe tree also gets rid of moisture and sweat, especially when it comes to leather shoes. Anyone who regularly plays golf can get a locker attendant who can clean and polish the shoes.

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